The Culprit for All Our Heel Troubles: Plantar Fasciitis

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Are you familiar with that deep, stabbing pain that seems to curse your foot every morning, when you step out of bed? If not, we envy you. If yes, read ahead.

For what seems like an eternity, causes of this atrocious pain were simply not known, or at least not verified. Of course, one could have such pains and be caused by a variety of different factors but the one common cause of heel pain treatment Sydney that we’d be focusing on is the offender named Plantar fasciitis.

Custom Orthotics, Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, foot pain treatment in Sydney is the inflammation of the fibrous tissue that runs underneath your foot. Victims of this pain usually include runners, or individuals with an intense, physical lifestyle. However, this can be found in many individuals, with ages ranging from twenty and above.


The most obvious of all symptoms is the sharp, piercing pain that one experiences usually after some form of exercise. It can also be felt if one has been standing on his feet for an extended period of time. This kind of pain is not constant, as one would assume, and gradually fades after some time. Wearing uncomfortable shoes could also make the pain worse. Plantar fasciitis pain can sometime feel like a stabbing pain, that may need to be addressed with bunion surgery in Sydney.


The plantar fascia, which acts as a shock absorber normally, could eventually be scarred and torn in cases where it is exposed to great stress and tension. This can cause repetitive scarring and stretching, leading to an inflamed plantar fascia. An intense physical lifestyle such as that of a runner is not the only instance where this may arise. Obesity is another leading cause for heel spurs relief in Sydney, as this puts additional stress on the plantar fascia.

Treatment and Remedies

There are many options for Plantar Fasciitis treatment in Sydney. Home remedies and bunion correctors can often treat this pain, especially if it’s caused by factors such as prolonged standing or excessive exercise.

  • Stretches: Simple stretches such as calf stretches or foot flexes can help ease the pain. Muscle tightness in the calf and feet can make the pain worse. Try stretching your calf by extending your hands against a wall, and straighten the knee of the effected leg whilst keeping the other one bent. This will cause a stretching sensation in the heel of the effected foot.
  • Ball Rolling: You’ve probably just taken your shoes off and your heel is in pain. For this scenario, try taking a ball and rolling it under the effected foot. This will help loosen the muscles in your foot and increase blood circulation it can also ease your ball of foot pain in Sydney.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication: After being prescribed an NSAID, you’ll feel more at ease as this will significantly reduce inflammation, which is the cause behind plantar fasciitis.

Always consult a podiatrist when thinking of taking any drug, custom orthotics in Sydney or looking for any treatment for your pain.

What is Osteopathy and it’s benefits?

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Sportsmen and women around the world push their bodies to the limit to ensure that they keep in topping condition to take on the competition and win, because winning is the ultimate goal in any sport’s discipline.

To win, the primary factor is to participate and if you cannot, then winning would be out of the question hence to participate you need to be 100% fit, physically and mentally too.

Sports professionals know their limits and the competition that they have to encounter hence if they are not 100% fit they should not enter any competition because doing so, could jeopardize their future participation for long periods of time through injury.

Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in Reservoir could be proactive or reactive, and in the case of the former obtaining advice on how your body is faring and coping with the stress that it is put through would keep you away from minor or serious injuries.

Any slight pain anywhere in your body if you are sportsman or woman has to be immediately looked into and Osteopaths have the experience, expertise and tools to diagnose what the problem is and initiate corrective and remedial action to either remedy or rectify the issue.

It is always advisable to be proactive in keeping your body fit and in pristine condition if you are a professional sports personality because your bread and butter could depend on your body and how it is able to cope with the stress that it is put through.

Seeking proactive advice from a physiotherapist near Thornbury, the professionals in the physiotherapy business would hold you in good stead and help to prevent injuries and ensure a long and injury free life ahead and to attain high standards in the competitive arena.

Once an injury occurs’ sports would be the last thing in the mind of an athlete because he or she would need to recover fast to get back on to the field of play. Similar to physiotherapy seeing an Osteopaths Reservoir would also be highly beneficial.

Osteopathy is the answer to get back as soon as possible, as it is a professional part of the wide spectrum of what we call medicine which has been in existence since 460 BC which would help to get the sporting personality back into the field of play.

The benefits of proactive osteopathy would accrue on sportsmen and women if they place a high bar on their fitness levels but still if injury occurs a reactive physiotherapeutic regime after proper assessment and diagnosis would provide them with a quicker recovery process.

Recuperating from any sports injury has to be quick because every day that a sportsman or woman is out of competition he or she would be losing on earnings and also popularity because being in the limelight matters.

Hence professional help from a local podiatrist in Reservoir, Sports Physiotherapist, Osteopath or a Chiropractors in Reservoir could put you back on your feet as we would tailor make the appropriate physiotherapeutic regime to suit the exact injury wherever it may be, and that is what we promise when we take in any sports personality who would want to get back fast and compete again.