Buying a Pool Table in Melbourne

Pool tables melbourne are available in multiple styles, sizes and quality. You can decide on what table you wish to buy once you’re aware of your budgets, the dimensions of the room that will accommodate the table and considering the kind of table which is suitable for you. Pool tables are a lot more than just a reason for entertainment because it can also easily pass as a furniture piece which enhances your rooms.

Tips for Buying a Pool Table:

Before purchasing pool tables, you must be aware of the following tips which must be considered:

1.      Budget:

This is the element that most people begin with while considering various choices. It has become more important because of the financial climate today. If you wish to buy a pool table with a long term plan in your mind, then it’s better to consider how much of money you’ll need to buy a good table instead of how much of it you even have today because the latter will leave you with short term options which you might require to replace in just a little time. Pool tables come in a wide range of prices based on different key elements. To save on costs, you can also buy second hand pool tables in melbourne.

2.      Size:

Pool tables for sale in melbourne are available in many sizes, usually about 7′, 8′ or 9′. Even though you might have the cash to buy any of the options, it’s better to consider the size carefully according to the room where you’ll place the pool table. It is necessary to consider the real size of your pool table as well as the needed space for playing around it.

3.      Slate or Non-Slate:

Most purists do say that it must definitely be slate. Well, what is slate? Basically, just under the billiard felt, there comes the play surface. Usually, this is slate and is mostly preferred by players because it provides a uniform play surface which lasts for years. However, even the non-slate options have increased. Slate is your best choice but it is very costly. Other than that, it is a very heavy table and you won’t be able to move it again once placed in a room.

4.      Felt or Accessories:

There is a diverse range of pool table accessories melbourne available for both billiard tables and pool tables. It is important to know that all tables aren’t provided with felt and you might need to buy it individually which will just be added charges. However, if you’ve bought your table with the felt, you can buy it in various different designs, colors and qualities to improve the general appearance of the table. You must also have a pool table brush of a decent quality to shield this investment. Pool cues will also be needed and once you’ve purchased them, you might need a cue rack to collect your cues when they aren’t in use. There are other accessories like ball racks, bridge cues, pool balls, cue chalk, and cue cases.

5.      Installation & Removal:

Do remember that pool tables are often not shipped to you entirely assembled. Some of them, in fact, need skilled installers to make sure that they’re installed according to the constructors needed standards. Installation is usually an added cost over the price that is quoted by retail stores or online. It is important to ask about the installation costs as well as the time when it would be completed.

The same goes with pool table removal melbourne. You can’t just get rid of a pool table yourself, sometimes you have to call the experts in to help you remove it.


Hopefully the top 5 tips mentioned above would be useful while you’re in a search for the right pool tables.

Pool Tables Melbourne
Pool Tables Melbourne